Andy Martin


With almost 20 years in sound design and field recording, award-winning sound designer Andy Martin’s work has been featured in games, VR, film, television, commercial post-production, radio, art, & all- around fun projects.

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Show Reels:
An ever-lengthening preview of some of my highlights. Newer stuff up front, older stuff towards the back.

The Singularity Power from inFAMOUS First Light was one of my favorite things to work on… back in 2014.

That’s my balding head you see in all those pictures. I spent a long autumn recording concrete in as many stages of disrepair, vibration, scratching, sliding, rubbing, breaking, impacting, etc, as I could. My colleague Brad Meyer/ Aural Surgeon is the poor sap unlucky fellow nice guy rolling around the trash bin of concrete rubble. That’s his voice, too. Yeah, and the video, too. He made the video. Those concrete powers? Those are all me. From Aural Surgeon on Vimeo.

As above, you can see me featured in the making of video. I have a tendency to forget to document what I’m doing for posterity, so my colleague Brad Meyer/ Aural Surgeon had the fun of recreating some of the TV monitor recording I did in order to create this short in-house demo of what was going on. Thanks, Brad! From Aural Surgeon on Vimeo.

Northwest Soundscapes:
Work Stress-Free While Listening to Natural Sounds:
A collection of long, unbroken natural soundscapes, a cure for the busy, stressed mind. Take a moment to recharge, or just sit back and let it all go.
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Seattle Field Recordists:
A bunch of us get together from time-to-time to record material for private libraries. Kristoffer Larson and Brad Meyer documented one event, a large glass-breaking session. That’s me on top of the truck. I’m not sure how I ended up there, other than I’m short and wasn’t afraid of falling through the roof.


Sound and sound effects design, organic and creature sound effects, interactive mixing, field recording, bird and nature recording, sound editing, audio implementation, real-time audio scripting, recording that one weird sound you thought there never be a use for, brewing Turkish coffee, dawdling.